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Reviews for our song Second Chances:

“I like there name - PayDirt. The instrumentals are good. Guitar sounds really good. His vocals are very nice. The lyrics are good, as well. I like this selection and would love to hear more from them.” 

“I really enjoyed this song. It's a nice ballad. "Everybody needs second chances" This song has a nice message to it and I can imagine this song being played on the radio.” 

“I thought this song was generally sung from the heart with meaningful words. The vocals and background vocals meshed very well. I like the lead into the song and the eventual pick up. This song definitely gained momentum as it played and I enjoyed that. I would definitely listen to the song again.”

“This is a made for radio song; its smooth, it keeps on rolling, the vocals are not abrasive, the guitar doesn't take too much charge and it has a good message in the lyrics.”

Reviews for our song Waiting for April:

“I really like this one! The beginning had that crescendo, and it sounded quite nice to my ears! I like the instruments used, especially the guitar, and the vocals are tranquilizing. This has a more real sound to it, which I actually enjoy. I give this a precise 7 out of 10.” 

“The guitar is so romantic sounding at first and the build adds character. The strums add loads and loads of character. The synth pads sound crystal clear. The mix and master is great. The singer has a nice tone on the beat. The stringish sounds compliment aswell.”

 “The powerful vocals in this song grabs your attention right from the very start.With is amazing vocals that really shows of his unique and very dynamic voice.The instrumentals are also very good and i love the guitar play in this song .The production value was also good.”

 “This song was really entertaining and really got me thinking about how good this song is. The vocals were brilliant and the lyrics were well thought out. The amount of time that they put in the song and the time it took to edit was good.”